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Native development in JavaScript

Tabris.js is a mobile framework that lets you develop native iOS and Android apps from a single code base written entirely in JavaScript. When HTML5 doesn’t cut it - Tabris.js will give you an easy path to native apps while building upon your existing JavaScript knowledge.

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No WebViews!

Cross-platform, true native. Tabris.js does not use WebViews for rendering the UI. Instead it creates native widgets on the mobile platform via a JavaScript to native bridge. This also enables the quick develop / deploy cycle that you know from web development.

Leverage JavaScript APIs

While Tabris.js does not use WebViews, you are more than welcome to use existing JavaScript libraries, node modules and Cordova plugins to build your apps. Tabris.js implements many APIs core to web applications, e.g. XMLHttpRequest or the 2d canvas.

Create gorgeous graphs with chart.js, easily integrate underscore.js or access device features with Cordova device.

Build your app online

Our online build service frees you from having to deal with special hardware and huge SDKs. You will have your first app ready for download in just a few minutes. Local builds are almost as easy once you are set up. The JavaScript sources of Tabris.js are available on GitHub under a BSD License, the Objective-C / Java runtimes under a shared source license.

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Create secure apps

When dealing with sensitive data, you need a trusted environment and special means to protect the integrity of your app and your customer's data. With our Tabris secure runtime* proven in medical and financial services apps you can take advantage of an end to end solution. Tabris secure runtime can also be embedded into existing mobile apps as a secure vault. To learn more about our solution involving state of the art cryptography, rootkit/jailbreak detection, resource verification, repackaging prevention and certificate pinning, please contact us.

(* available at additional cost)