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Create and share complete eclipse installations and workspaces in minutes.

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What is Yoxos

Yoxos is an Eclipse distribution, tools for managing your Eclipse configuration and a service for sharing those configurations with others. With Yoxos you can:

  • Build custom Eclipse configurations with over 1900 Eclipse plugins
  • Launch the right Eclipse environment for the task
  • Manage upgrades and share configuration updates with your team
  • Store and share Eclipse IDE configurations on-line
  • Install and de-install plugins seamlessly

What you get

  • Switching efficiently among multiple Eclipse projects
  • Managed delivery of custom Eclipse packages to your collaborators
  • New team members are set up in minutes
  • Ability to restore previous configurations for project support and maintenance
  • Dependencies are resolved for you
  • Eclipse upgrade paths can be pre-set

and more...

Visit our plans and pricing page to select the Yoxos 5 package that meets your individual, team and enterprise needs.