Sharing Profiles

Share your profiles with other colleagues to ensure a consistent development environment among team members.

Pass the workspace, please

When you create an account on Yoxos 5 it means that you can share your IDE with your colleagues, with all the plugins and configurations they need to pick up where you left off. New team members get exactly what they need to get started. And, switching among all the projects you're working on takes just a few seconds.

Managing Teams

Subscribing to a Yoxos team means that you can share private profiles with your collaborators. As the administrator of the team you’ll be able to add and delete team members, as well as making updates to the profiles stored for this team using a convenient team portal interface.

Planning your upgrade path

In the Yoxos 5 Launcher, you'll find tools to manage your upgrade path. You can preset each of your profiles for the type of upgrades you'd like - from full versions to leading edge experimental builds.

When you update your profiles, the changes are automatically shared with all team members. When a profile that's been updated is launched, your colleagues will be given the choice to follow your update / upgrade path.

Preserving project configurations

Employee turnover and lack of availability is fact of doing business. Having an employee archive their entire workspace (or collection of workspaces) for future reference is simply not tractable. With Yoxos 5, you can recreate a replica workspace with ease, whether the configuration is 5 hours or 5 years old.