Yoxos Profiles

How many workspaces do you manage?

Yoxos unifies your workspace settings and your IDE description in a Yoxos Profile. They are created in the Yoxos Launcher and can be started with a double-click on the .yoxos file. Yoxos profiles define the configuration of your development environment, the configuration of 3rd party tools, workspace settings and the location of your source repositories.

Plugins at the ready

As you've come to expect from Yoxos tools, Eclipse plugins are served to you with all dependencies resolved. In addition, the Yoxos 5 repository has been decomposed into slices, one slice for each Eclipse release. By choosing a slice, you can be confident that all plugins were built to run with that version of Eclipse. The Yoxos repository contains over 1,900 validated components so you'll never need to hunt for an update site again.