Yoxos Launcher

With Yoxos 5 Launcher you can configure your Eclipse development environment by choosing from over 1900 available Eclipse plugins. workspace launcher

Double-click your workspace and go!

Managing several Eclipse workspaces is a challenge. Often each workspace is created with a specific toolchain: some workspaces are intended for C++ development, while others for Java development. Your workspaces may require specific plug-in versions and a variety of Eclipse specific settings. With Yoxos 5 you no longer need to manage these configurations yourself, instead you double-click your workspace and go!

With Yoxos, you can launch your workspace and your Eclipse IDE will start up including all the plug-ins you want to work with in that workspace. If it’s a new workspace you’ll get things like predefined settings, and import projects automatically adjusted. Additionally, Yoxos 5 manages all your plug-ins through a centralized bundle-pool saving you both time and disk space. This approach ensures that Eclipse start-up is lightening fast, because each plug-in you use is downloaded just once and reused whenever you need it for a new Eclipse IDE.

Choice without chaos with the Yoxos Repository

Yoxos 5 includes access to our repository of over 1,900 validated components. Based on 8 years experience creating Eclipse distributions, our repository gives you the freedom to choose the plug-ins you and your team need from our validated marketplace. Dependencies are automatically resolved and only compatible components are included in your configuration. Once you have selected the components you need, you can set preferences. Then, save your configuration in a new profile and give your whole team a head start on development.