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Bring the power of Yoxos inside your firewall.

Secure inhouse provisioning with Yoxos Enterprise

If like many organizations, you have several Eclipse development teams and requirements for secure, inhouse provisioning processes, Yoxos 5 can be installed on your servers. You'll have all the benefits of fast start up, sharing and customized components, in addition to the ability to centrally manage your enterprise-wide Eclipse installations.

Choice without chaos - the Yoxos Repository

Yoxos Enterprise includes our repository of over 1,900 validated components. Based on 8 years experience creating Eclipse distributions, the Yoxos Enterprise repository gives you the freedom to choose the plug-ins you and your team need from our validated marketplace.

Customize your distribution with the Repository Designer

We provide specialized tools for centrally creating and managing multiple development environments for your teams. With Repository designer you can essentially create a snapshot - a Yoxos Slice - of a combination of several p2 repositories or update sites.

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